| What I Wore | Kikoy

I always take a kikoy away with me when I am travelling. Always.I have done so since I was a child. A kikoy is an east African wrap. A large bit of fringed cotton cloth that traditionally worn like a sarong by men on the Swahili coast. For me, they are the epitome of versatility.  I am an African girl and it pleases me to take a bit of my homeland with me wherever I go. As a child I would take them with me to wrap the unfamiliar pillow I had to sleep on within it because it smelled of home and I could be certain that it was clean (such an odd kid!). Now, I use them as sarongs, wraps, skirts, blankets on airplanes and even beach towels. They dry much faster than a regular terry beach towel and are much much lighter but still absorb water efficiently. 

We are usually among the last people to leave the beach on a sunny holiday day. The last to give up our loungers. The people milking the very last rays of sun before it tucks itself away beyond the horizon.

There is something about the last bit of sun that is quite magical. It is soothing, calming and the light it emits its beautiful. Sleepy end of the day sun is the best sun.