| Photo Diary | Wide Skies

My mind’s been a-wonderin’ back down memory lane. Meanderin’ and escapin’ its sleepless state to the Free State in South Africa when I found myself staying in a little house on the edge of a diamond mine. 

The Free State is South Africa’s breadbasket because it is the heart of its agricultural industry – it is said that about 30,000 farms stretch across the lands here. 

For me and my memory, it comes to mind as a vast, vast place with wide, wide skies that house clouds that hang low, low. The Free State is situated at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea-level which is probably why the clouds were so animated here.

I like places with wide skies and South Africa is a place that serves up a delectable assortment of this along with plenty of sweeping horizons for me on every visit. I only spent a short while in this part of the country but it has stayed with me long after my departure. The down-to-earth plainspoken realness of the people who live here, the provincial feeling and the beautiful land makes it a place very hard for me to forget. I look forward to my return.

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