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Strictly speaking, you’re not supposed to make a collection of these. They are said to retain their powers for 1 year before they need replacing. You are supposed to take them to a local temple to dispose of them so they can be purified in a ritual burning. 

But as we don’t live in Japan we still have all the omamori we’ve collected and been given from different parts of Japan. Some of these are quite old and some very rare so I’d like to think that their powers haven’t dissipated but grown.

Omamori are basically amulets or talismans. Little charms that contain a written blessing within an ornate fabric pocket. It is super bad luck and most disrespectful to open and look inside an omamori. Funny enough though, I have a friend who’s teenage part time job was to make these for a rural temple in Japan. Learning this completely messed with my idea of them being holy things. 

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