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Our recent foray into leafy green flora madness has been flourishing beyond even our own initial plans. Our home definitely has a bit of a jungle vibe to it these days and we LOVE it. Living with plants adds a sense of well being, helps to keep the air clean and the colours they display are just gorgeous. 

On a recent visit to Chase and Sorensen on Dalston Lane, we fell in love with a vintage Danish teak wood planter.

We were told that the planter dates from the 1960’s but we are a  bit doubtful and suspect that it is newer than that. However, this makes no difference to us really. It is such a lovely item and we love how it looks in our home. It adds warmth and a nice dimension to our current lines and layers. 

Teak is a gorgeous wood that ages so beautifully. I don’t know if you have seen a cross section of teak before? The outer bark sections or ‘sapwood’ are a pale colour similar to many blonde woods. At the centre is a deep brown/red wood known as the ‘heartwood’ that is what most teak items are made of. The heartwood darkens and takes on a deep subtle lustre with age. 

Choosing vintage pieces for our home suits our lifestyle. Pre-loved items that can join in our motley collection of things that we hope to keep with us for life. Well made things that grow in beauty with age, hold a value and timeless aesthetic appeal that we can eventually pass on to our son in the future just feels so right. 

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