| Creatures | The Baboon & the Lion

Let’s take things back. Back to when we touched down in my motherlands. When we soaked up the dust and dry heat on a safari in Tanzania. Safaris are a magical mix of expectation and luck because in the domain of the beast, we are no longer in control of the schedule and what we will see is not up to us.

So when we observed a curious exchange between a baboon and a lion, we considered ourselves so very fortunate.

Once upon a hot hot safari day, a lion lounged beneath a vast and wide tree. It brought a comforting shade and when the wind took up in its branches the tree would whisper a cool song to the lion. How peaceful he was until the baboon that had also been resting in the tree saw the lion and, commenced to start to hurl abuse at the lounging lion. Oh what a noise he made! Loud, loud and angry, angry he barked and screeched and shouted. The lion first tried to ignore the rambunctious resident but when the noise got too much, he took a little walk as if to say to the baboon…….

“I do not want to eat you. I just want some peace and quiet. I shall take a walk over there, so you can run away. I do not want to eat you”.

But the hysterical baboon did not move from the tree. He stayed right there making his noise. So the lion after waiting a while, went right back and sat beneath the tree and so the silly baboon continued to be stuck in his tree all because he did not take the opportunity to move!

Observing animals in the natural habitat is a huge honor for us and we are so happy that we can share in their story when we can.

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