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Douguya is a purveyor of antique furniture and lifestyle goods, based in Tokyo. They caught our eye with the beautiful photos on their homepage slider. Lovely photos that show a real sensitivity and appreciation of light, shadow and colour. 

Photo Credit: Douguya 

Photo Credit: Douguya 

Photo Credit: Douguya 

Photo Credit: Douguya 

‘Douguya’ means secondhand or curio shop in Japanese. Quite a humble and understated name for a shop with a unique pursuit. Douguya specialises in furntiture and goods that date from the Meiji Era (1868 -1912) up to the outbreak of WWII. Furthermore, all items that make it into their showroom and webshop are exceptional in that they were handmade by skilled craftsmen and just cannot be replicated today despite all of our modern technological advancements.

Do take a look at their website and their webshop. It is in Japanese but the pictures have universal appeal.

USEFUL LINKS | Douguya’s Website (in Japanese) Address | 2-19-8, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo