| Recipe | Refreshing Kaisou Salad

Another dish that I enjoy on hot days is a Japanese seaweed salad. It is beautiful to look at, full of flavour and deliciously refreshing -especially on hot/humid days.

Nutritionally, seaweed provides all 56 elements essential for human health and is particularly good for digestive health and even weight control.

This Kaisou Salad  recipe is zingy and lively with a touch of sweetness and a citrus burst that cuts through heavy flavours, oilier foods and sluggish feelings.


Seeking out a variety of seaweed in UK is not an easy quest to embark on, so I am glad that the folks at Clearspring have done all that missioning for us and packaged together a colourful combination of wakame, tengusa and tsunomata for our convenience. You can buy this online HERE

Japanese are not massively indulgent with spices especially when it comes to chilies. Shichimi is about as close as we get to chili powder so if you like your heat, then this stuff is baby food for you! Shichimi will probably earn more of a giggle than a score on the Scoville Scale as it is mild and more aromatic than pungent or heat inducing. I use a sprinkle of yuzu-shichimi (pictured) for this salad because it adds a little spiciness and a gorgeous fragrant aroma of yuzu that really lifts the dish for summer.


5grams Clearspring Japanese Sea Vegetable Salad
1/2 Cucumber

Sushi vinegar to taste

Yuzu-shichimi or regular shichimi to taste



1. Soak the seaweed in water till it grows into soft leaves.

2. Take a veg slicer to your cucumber making a slivers of cucumber.

3. Mix together the rehydrated seaweed and cucumber and add a couple of tablespoons of sushi vinegar. The water from the cucumber will dilute it while the salad chills.

4. Sprinkle a bit of shichimi and store gently. Allow to chill and then serve as a lovely side dish.