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New home has meant new desk space for me. The lamp that had stood by my desk illuminating my work has been given a new purpose in our living room and the shadow that it’s left has begun to bother me so I set about looking for a replacement. I wanted a reliable, timeless luminous side-kick for years to come but when it comes to lighting, I leave things in Hiro’s capable hands. 

Task Lamps
RED: Anglepoise | BLACK: Tolomeo | YELLOW: Signal

You know what we are like! We are not fad or trend consumers so buying something with timeless appeal and longevity is a standard and a lot of thought goes into finally making a decision. Here are a few things that cross our mind:

– It must look good. Good now, next year and years from now. 

– Adjustability. Probably the most important criterion in choosing the right task lamp! So think of the purpose that you want the lamp to meet. For us, the lamp will need to meet my needs as a crafter as well as our regular office requirements. So the ability to adjust the height and manoeuvre the direction of the light source is vital. We don’t want glare but want to be able to uplight our space or downlight the desk for more precise lighting depending on what we are doing. So I guess task lamps that have a tilting/rotating head or reflector work best.

– Size. We want a lamp to sit in proportion to our space and not impose itself and take up too much room. It is also worth considering the base of the lamp. Something sturdy, with a good weight but still compact is a good idea.

– Durability. We want it to last decades!

– Design.  We take pride in buying something that was thought about carefully and we enjoy the design story of everyday objects. Things that possess aspects that let us see what the designer was thinking and what problem he was trying to solve.

– No fakes. We’ll you know how we feel about this. We just cannot buy something that infringes on the creative intent and originality of other designers – no fakes, no replicas and no unauthorised repros!

Tolomeo Mini | Eames Aluminium Group Chair EA 117 in Black Leather

So, what did Hiro get me in the end? He decided that the Jieldé is too stiff and expensive and the Anglepoise is limited because it does not uplight. So, we have another Tolomeo in our home. 

This is the Tolomeo Mini. Designed by De Lucchi and Fassina in 1987 and manufactured by Artemide. It has a heavy base with a cantilevered arm and is adjustable and rotatable in all directions. Ticks all the boxes!

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