| Abandoned | Perishing Hotel

Finding ourselves in places where we ought not to be has become a habit over the years. However, it is not a habit that we can ever feel completely at ease with and we never fail to feel that edge of unease pressing against us.

These photos were taken in a recently abandoned hotel in Japan.









Starved of human care, this hotel perishes in pieces. It never ceases to fascinate us how it is always the paintwork that is first to surrender and fall away. I suppose it is the dampness that takes over when we leave that runs amok peeling the paint and lifting the tiles.

Everything has a story. And stories are much like sand in that they are susceptible to instant and constant change. This is something that seems so relevant when walking through corridors that once echoed with the sounds of a hundred guests but now lays decaying and silent.

The need to be respectful also prevents us from divulging the exact locations of our explorations.

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