| Thoughts | Never Stop Exploring

Photo taken in Zakynthos
Shirt is vintage Cacharel and Liberty. The shorts, I made myself: SEE HERE

No matter what is going on in our life, we somehow always find the time and the impetus to explore.

I have realised that through exploring our surroundings we have learned so many things empirically, by seeing and feeling and living and taking away stories from that moment.  

Exploring has taught me a lot about myself too.

To borrow heavily from our About page, exploring teaches us new things, reminds of  forgotten things and shows us new ways to see. Exploring doesn’t need to be expensive and involve long flights to far flung places. Most of the time all it really takes is a curious nature and some imagination.  Then in time, even your own city, your everyday paths open themselves up to you and show you details that you never knew that you never knew.  

It doesn’t always take lots of money and time to explore. Here are my daily tips:

  • Don’t spend your morning or evening commute with your goggles stuck to your smart phone! Look around you. See stuff!
  • Get on a bus if you can. Double deckers in London may be slower than the tube but they offer a much nicer view of the city especially from the top deck. 
  • Walk/cycle/run take to the streets! You will be surprised what you will see and what you have been missing.
  • Take a different route to work or back home. A different path or a different bus. Get off the bus/train a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way. You will still get to where you are headed you just might see something interesting on your way.
  • No time to stop and stare? Make a mental note of things you see and come back when you do have time.

It’s the weekend folks and we wish you a good one. Always keep adventure in your soul and never stop exploring – even when you think you’ve seen it all!