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If you have a good memory, you may recall me stating my general dislike of spiral bound notebooks. Which may then make you wonder what on earth I am doing with this one. Well, this one is special! It is completely custom made for me. I chose the cover, the orientation, the fastening and assortment of papers that fill it. There were about 30 different types of paper I looked at before selecting some Swiss bankers paper, handmade Belgian laid paper, Japanese onion skin and Italian parchment. If I could have chosen a different method of binding I would have, but I did choose the positioning and even the colour of the rings.


Photo from Kakimori.

Kakimori is a stationery lovers heaven. No! It is more than that. It is a shrine dedicated to the love of writing. It houses a heart-trembling array of well curated and designed pens, ink and paper. Everything is displayed with impressive consideration to the the customer’s requirements. This is why, even though I will never buy another spiral bound notebook, this one is very precious to me. It was made in this marvellous shop right before my eyes with real care and attention. It made me smile and still does each time I look at the notebook.

Since my visit to Kakimori, they have opened a specialist ink shop next door called “Ink Stand”. Here you can have your ink dreams created in almost any hue. I am so very excited to have some made on my return to Tokyo. I am dreaming up a bloody blackish red, and perhaps a perfect sea Zanzibar sea blue/green.

Kakimori can be found in Kuramae, downtown Tokyo. The shop is run by the 3rd generation of family owners. They have very knowledgable staff, some of who speak English. It is also where Hiro bought THIS pen for me. I have not as yet written in the notebook but I am really looking forward to it – an empty notebook is a sad object to me. A notebook filled with the words of a loving owner is a beautiful thing to be able to pluck off a shelf and delve into in the future.

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