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I have an ever growing, ever improving archive of photos at my fingertips and it is easy to begin to take this for granted. However, each time that I dip into them seeking out the perfect pic for the words I am stringing haplessly together, I find myself in awe at Hiro’s work. He has never taken a lesson is his life yet he strives tirelessly to improve his skills. I imagine that he will probably always class himself as an amateur photographer (such is the way of the perfectionist). I am sure that if you asked him why he likes taking photos he will say that he doesn’t really and that he likes “catching shadows and light”. 

Shadows and light. Two things that drive him in so many ways. They are the materials that he works with and the creative kinetics that keep pushing him onwards.

I was actually planning on posting a recipe onto the blog today but lost myself in Hiro’s shadow chasing. I hope that you will enjoy the few that I have picked to share with you:

Kaya Koy, Turkey. See Original Post HERE

Kaya Koy, Turkey. See Original Post HERE

Neues Museum, Berlin

Neues Museum, Berlin

Niigata, Japan. See original post HERE

Porto. Sao Bento Station. See Original post HERE

Barcelona. In the studio of Diego Mallo 

Berlin. See Original Post HERE
Venice. See Original Post HERE

Venice. See Original Post HERE
Tanzania. In my father’s garden.

Pavilion of Portugal, Lisbon. 

Gare do Oriente, Lisbon. See the original post HERE

The funniest thing is that when Hiro spots this post on the blog later today he will probably say……..

“Sh*t! Who took that pic!!!” 

To which I will answer……


Then he will say…..

“Did I? It’s alright ini?”