| Recipe | Sakura Inari Sushi

If you are following any Japanese person on any social media platform then you will know that the cherry blossom season is in full swing in Japan.  Spring is a time of new beginnings in Japan. It is when the new academic year begins, when swallows nest and when many companies take on new employees. It is a time of hopefulness.

At this time of year, sakura (cherry blossom) flavours filter across all seasonal foods. Influencing everything from sweets to ice-cream, tea and rice crackers.

Anyway, all this cherry blossom talk made me go a bit crazy and I decided to make some sakura infused oinarisan type things. Not very typical but I thought they looked quite cute!

Don’t hate me. I have no idea where you can find salt preserved cherry blossoms in UK. These were sent to us by a friend in Japan. eBay maybe your best bet?


| Ingredients |

1 portion of cooked Japanese rice

Sushi vinegar to taste

Toasted sesame

Tofu pouches (see here )

10 salt preserved cherry blossoms

| Method |

1. Add a bit of sushi vinegar a capful at a time to the rice and mix thoroughly and taste till you are happy.

2. Carefully rinse the cherry blossoms in water and then pat dry with kitchen roll.

3. Finely chop five of the cherry blossoms and mix into the rice with the sesame seeds.

4. Carefully drain and then open up the tofu pockets one at a time and stuff gently with the rice mixture. Be careful not to over stuff them like Hiro does – the tofu will tear!

5. Fold the edges inwards if you want a slightly neater finish.

6. Decorate with a either a full cherry blossom or a few petals.


Add them to your lunchbox. Eat them cold!

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