| Photo Diary | Ya Get Me?

It is not unusual for me to explain to people that if it is regular picturesque photos of London (or in fact anywhere that we visit) that you are seeking, then perhaps this is not the blog for you.

The reason for this sledgehammer bluntness is because what we find beautiful/noteworthy has never been questioned so much as it has since blogging.

I have never thought of our blog was unusual in its content. It is varied because this diversity matches our wide horizons of interests. What we find beautiful is personal and subjective and quite often conflicting and contradictory. Yet I am glad that we have this innate ability to enjoy what may seem on the surface as contrasting surroundings and glad that we are able to find and see beauty where people question/overlook. 

So when asked why we find a carpark (perhaps abandoned) more beautiful than an ornate palace we explain that it is just more beautiful to our eyes and to our hearts in terms of how it was built, why it was built and the materials used to built it. These places that were not built just to poise one group of people over the other nor to feed us impossible dreams of a life that we could never have. 

This is why we would rather take photos of everyday streets in everyday London rather than the polished pavements of the places where not everyone is made to feel welcome.

This is why we will always gravitate towards those people with soul. People who do not turn a blind eye to the realities and harshness that most of the world live in today. People who understand struggles and neither judge others for theirs yet still see the bigger picture.

This is why we LOVE living in a place like we do where every street reminds of the realities of life in London. The toils and industry that this great city grew out of and the struggles of life today.

Ya get me?