| Photo Diary | Wandering Down To Whitstable

Sea air has restorative properties for me. I always welcome a good dose of it whenever possible. I gulp it down, breathe deep, open my lungs and devour it.

My brother in law drove us to Whitstable recently. His driving has gotten much better since our trip to Gloucester. 

I remember when I first visited a seaside town in Britain. Coming from east Africa I was baffled by the pebble beaches. 

Where did all these smooth stones come from? Where is the sand?

The pebbles have grown on me since and I like to walk upon them. I like the sound that they make beneath my feet and I cannot help but look for a pretty stone, the smoothest I can find to hold in the palm of my hand and wonder where it has been before it landed here.

Incidentally, the last photo is as close as we could get to the now abandoned Maunsell Sea Forts. Access is denied until this April which means that we shall have to make a return visit in the near future.

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