| Photo Diary | La Escocesa

It is true that Barcelona didn’t move me in the way that it seems to have so many others but while I may not be confessing undying love for the city, it does have one place that I very much love to loiter!

In the Poblenou area is La Escocesa where we can find the studios of a few of our good good friends.







La Escocesa is a ramshackle complex that begun life in the manufacture of chemical products for the textile industry the building dates back to 1852. Since 1999 it has faced a turbulent time in fighting for its new purpose as an artistic space. However, after many battles the City Council gave permission to a group of artists to retain and self manage the building.

Actually, this is my favourite place in Barcelona – apart from Diego & Isabel’s apartment which is not only beautiful but a great place to get fed! It is also the place where I can find Mina Y Zosen when they are not spreading colour across the globe.