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Remember our curious habit of picking up things from the ground and taking them home from our adventures(SEE HERE)? Well, I’ve finally gone and found the perfect way to store and display them!

I had my heart set on finding an old type/letterpress drawer to repurpose as a display fixture. It took me a year to find just the right one. But you know me, I am willing to keep seeking, waiting, hoping till I find the one that strikes a chord with me and I am so glad that I did. This one is French and was used in an industrial printers factory to hold “42pt Headline Italic” letters before it found its way to London and eventually to us. Its handle is a bit rusty and its compartments a bit dusty but I happen to like it that way. It came to us with a story in its grains and hopefully, it will continue to collect stories in the time it stays with us.

Our drawer does a good job of exhibiting our little trinkets I think. Every little thing here has its own story and so nudges a different memory for us. Not all of these have been picked up off the floor. A lot of them have come from Hiro’s maternal Obaa-chan (granny) who never lets us leave her without giving us something. Many items here also have a strong significance to Japanese tradition , such as the DarumaOmamori, Shichifukujin, Kokeshi (this one has particularly interesting origins – will talk about that another day). 

I want this display to constantly evolve and and change with our changing lives. There will be things that we will add just to mark special events and other things that we add/move around/remove just because it feels right. 

I wonder what it will look like this time next year!