| Everyday People | Girl in The Lilac Dress

To the girl in the lilac dress.

I heard you arrive at the beach with all your friends. Your laugh tickled me. I smiled when I saw you and then I too started to laugh.

I watched you dance in the spluttering waves. Did you notice that your friends also watched you with admiration in their eyes? 

You reminded me of when my sister and I were children and our mother brought to the sea one last time before she left us. You brought back the song of our laughter and the colours of our childhood to my mind. 

Dear girl in the lilac dress. We are not so different you and I. 

You are the final thought I have from Zanzibar’s powder shores, and though you will never know this, you gave me peace with my memories. You made them light and easy to awaken and sink into for that moment.

Asante dada. Asante mingi sana.