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With more wishfulness than cash, we wandered around east London in search of the perfect lounge chair. We haven’t the money to spend on something new and even if we did we would prefer to have a piece of vintage furniture to add to our collection. Sticking firmly and truly to our ethos of buying quality over convenience and wanting something that we can can appreciate the thought, processes and heritage of we wound up in a few noteworthy/shareworthy places:

Hiro wears: 

Perforated Converse All Stars. Socks from COS. Jeans from Kapital Denim JapanBackpack from Eastpak. Trench coat by Watanabe Junya for Comme des Garcons. Cashmere scarf  from Muji. Denim cap from New Era Japan. Spectacles from Cradle Optical Tailors Japan.

GE 270 Chair
Designed by Hans Wegner in 1950. Reupholstered with Bute fabric.
GE 290 Chair
Designed by Hans Wegner in 1953. Reupholstered with Bute fabric.

2 Columbia Road 

London E2 7NN

We have been visiting this shop for donkey’s years now and cannot recall an instance when we didn’t find something to love! We are currently wishing/dreaming/willing the cost of the Wegner chairs to come down a bit because either one would be so perfect for us. Hans Wegner is known and respected as the chair maker’s chair maker for good reason. His chairs show a profound understanding of purpose and his materials – mainly wood. Distinguishable by clean, minimal pure lines and seamless construction to give comfort to the sitter and procure admiration from the discerning eye. 

“A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.” H Wegner.

Aside from 2 Columbia Road, there are some other vintage, retro and modern furniture dealers in the area. Most notably:

Atomic Antiques
High Street Shoreditch.

High Street Shoreditch  
2 & 4 
2 – 4 Southgate Road N1.

We are still hoping to find a Wegner chair at an affordable price and saving hard to do so. Meanwhile, after taking in a lot of chairs and other stuff, I thought I had discovered a real penchant for Danish furniture. Amusingly, Hiro claims that he had always noted my inclination towards Danish chairs in particular. News to me!

Sadly, after writing a post like this, we often find ourselves bombarded with emails from companies touting what they describe as “reproductions”. We are vociferous in calling these outright FAKES as they are unlicensed and infringe upon the integrity and original intention of the designer. As designers and craftsmen ourselves, we do not and will never endorse the buying and selling of another person’s hard work for a dishonest profit.