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Surreptitiously positioned on Wilton Way in Hackney, Momosan Shop is a gladdening find for the discerning or the curious shopper alike.

Curated and run by Momoko Mizutani, aside from being beautiful, this is a light filled intersection between different cultures in particular Japan and the UK. The objects that Mizutani-san has chosen for her shop embody practicality, resourcefulness and imagination. Basically ticking all sorts of shopping boxes for me!

Plate from Alessi | Spoon from Momosan Shop | Cup from Wedgwood 

I found to hard to leave empty handed and left with a couple of things. One of which was a handmade (in London) glass spoon that looks very much like a lollipop. I have since discovered that it works very well with honey! 

You can find the real Momosan Shop at 79a Wilton Way, London E8 1BG or if you prefer to look online, here is the link: 

If you are planning on visiting Wilton Way, do check her online calendar to make sure that it is open.