| Shelfies | 1

When I called for fellow bloggers, readers, watchers, makers, Tweeters and friends to send in their ‘shelfies’, I had no idea if anyone would bother to respond. After all, even though it’s just for fun, it is quite an unusual request.

But as the days went by, more and more begun to appear in my inbox and now I am sat here looking at them all with such a great feeling of pleasure and gratitude. Thank you to all these wonderful generous people for sharing a little bit of their life/style/home with us.

| Yasumi |
“This is one the shelves closest to my desk. Most of the vessels here are from South Africa and this makes me feel good to have a bit of Africa by my side.”

| Katrina Sophia |

“I have just moved in to an unfurnished house. With so many boxes, I wanted to unpack at least something so I used my old shoe rack to unpack books and put them in it. I feel a lot better!”


| Trona |

“I think this small part of my shelf and book collection sums up my MA dissertation pretty nicely. I studied Hannah Hoch and gender identity in the Weimar Period. My dream is to eventually do a PhD continuing the theme of identity formation. And I’m also pretty messy :)”


| Jane |

“One day I’ll have a room with wall-to-wall bookshelves, but for now this is the space I’ll have to make do with for my little library. This is also where my hoard of souvenirs, random knick-knacks, neglected film cameras and various unused beauty products and empty containers gather dust.”


| Adam |
Here’s the shelf above my desk, I keep a few trinkets and items on it. Books I’m currently reading and pens I currently have inked up are usually kept here as well as some trinkets and inspirational items that have sentimental value to me. My workspace is my small sanctuary so I love being able to look up and see fun things that inspire me!”


| モラ |


| Le Genou de Claire |
“This is my son’s shelfie We reuse his nappy and baby wipes boxes for his Legos, rick-racks and all. He loves books, legos, and Magna-tiles. The shelf is not perfect but he always cleans it up all by himself.”


| Rekishi no Tabi |
“Here is an old shelfie of my obsession… (reveals deep geekiness)”


| Jane |
“We just made these new shelves. They hang right above our dining table and some of our favorite things are now perched up there. I also decided to buy indoor plants, although I have never been kind to them my entire life. But I have these Orchids in my kitchen that are flourishing and I figured I’ve grown up a bit to know how to take care of plants now. I hope I’m right.”


| Alexandra |

“The world was hers for the reading.” – Betty Smith.


| Hiro |
“Huh? It’s a shelf!”

I look forward to receiving more of your pics for next month’s edition of Shelfies!