| Recipe | Edamame, Hijiki & Chicken Tsukune

I thought I would start off the week with another bit of yummy for your tummies via your lunch boxes or plates or bowls or whatever!

These sort of braised chicken balls are really good with rice/salad/side vegetable or all together. They are good cold or reheated and use ingredients that are everyday for us.

| Ingredients |

300g of chicken mince (extra lean turkey mince or pork is ok too).
2 tablespoons of dried hijiki seaweed.

Edamame – as much as you like.

1 egg

Japanese soy sauce

Cooking sake



2 tablespoons of katakuriko (potato starch)


| Method |

1. Rehydrate the dried hijiki in a bowl of cold water or follow the instructions on the back of the pack.

2. Par boil the edamame. Run under cold water and then shell.

3. In a big mixing bowl combine the mince, egg, katakuriko, hijiki and edamame with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.and kneed together till it turns into a soft paste.

4. Moisten your hands with a bit of warm water and then make the paste into flattened balls (tsukune).

5. In a cup mix together 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons sake and 2 tablespoons mirin and soy sauce together. Set aside for now.

5. Heat a little oil in a non-stick large frying pan and add the tsukune into the hot oil. Brown on both sides making sure not to burn any.

6. Lower the heat on the pan and then spoon the sauce mix over the tsukune. Allow the sauce to reduce and while coating the tsukune. Once the sauce has reduced they will be ready!