| Recipe | エビマヨ (Ebi Mayo)

This ebi mayo is probably more of a warm weather dish but seeing as we have received a few requests for the recipe,  here it is for whenever you want to enjoy it!

Ebi mayo with edamame, fine beans and sugar snap peas.


| Ingredients |

A pack of king prawns. I’m going with what UK supermarkets sell here though these are classed as shrimps in Japan.

Edamame to your liking

Fine Beans to your liking

Sugar snap peas to your liking

2/3 tablespoons Kewpie mayonnaise

1 teaspoon ketchup

2 teaspoon milk

Katakuriko (potato starch) if you want your prawns crispy

Cooking oil – something mild tasting like, sunflower or rice oil.

Salt, sake and pepper to taste.


| Method |

1. Remove the dark veins from the prawns spines and wash them.

2. Pat dry prawns with a bit of kitchen towel. If you would like your prawns crispy, sprinkle katakuriko over the prawns – just enough to coat them evenly and finely. If not, just quickly boil them for a few minutes and then drain and run under a cold tap to chill.

3. Parboil the edamame for about 3/4 mins. Drain and whilst still in the colander, run under and cold tap to chill. Shell them.

4. Parboil the fine beans and/or other veg. Drain and run under cold tap to chill.

5.  If you wanted crispy prawns. Now is the time to sauté them on both sides. If not, skip to the next step.

6. In a big bowl, mix together the Kewpie, ketchup, milk, and seasonings to your taste (you can add rayu or shouyu if you like)

7. Mix in the prawns and the veg so everything is coated with the sauce and serve  chilled.

| Notes |

You can swap the vegetables around to your liking. Green things like broccoli or French beans would work best. As for seasonings, taste as you go! None of my recipes are set in stone and are made for the creative cooks out there – try adding a splash of sake to the prawns or chill oil or even flakes to the sauce.