| Photo Diary | Swahili House

Ahhhhhh how I long to be back in Swahili House! I would climb the creaksome old wooden stairwell that winds all the way up to the roof terrace and from there I would inhale the view with a cold-cold Stoney Tangawizi (ginger beer) and order myself a big bowl of Zanzibar mix. Just like I did when last I was there.

It’s with a bit of a “humph” and a frown that I have to admit that we did not actually stay in Swahili House. We really should have for at least one night! We actually stayed on the beach HERE and HERE(if you are curious), but needed a base for the day. A place where we could safely stow our baggage while we too off to explore Stone Town.  The people at Swahili House were so very kind and offered to look after our things and opened their doors to us for lunch, refreshment and a place to rest while we waited for our flights back to Dar es Salaam.

Swahili House is located right in the heart of Stone Town and it is OLD! Like really old and if its walls could talk it would tell over a hundred years worth of tales. Tales of the Indian merchants who built it in the 19th century. And then tales of the Sultan families who inhabited Zanzibar for many many years. It is a traditional house with many original features including an impressive inner courtyard. 

Lunch was lovely too! Hiro had the beef pilau which was very tasty and filling. My choice (the last pic) was something that is actually one of Tanzania’s most famous street-foods called ‘Zanzibar mix’. I would describe it as a light, refreshing soup of potato and chickpea balls, crispy bhajias in a tangy soup of coconut, mango, lemon and the freshest spices you have ever had topped with deep fried cassava shavings. It was good. Really good, I could have 2 bowls.

Asante sana Swahili House, Sisi atakuja tena! Wait for us.