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A sure sign that Spring is stirring is the convergence of people on Columbia Road Flower Market and boy-oh-boy was it rammed last Sunday! 

In the past we tend to float towards the market at later in the afternoon when there are fewer people, fewer sellers but more bargains. That said, we have never actually visited with the purpose of buying any flora or fauna. So, there we were in the thick of things, hardly able to move at times. Jostling people, including unwitting tourists with suitcases, and others with tiny dogs in tow, and trying our very best not to get our plants crushed.

Columbia Road Flower Market 

Succulents and Cacti

The beginnings of our jungle!
Eye Clock designed by George Nelson in 1957 (Vitra)| Vintage Fibreglass Eames Chairs by Herman Miller circa 1960s
Table from Muji Japan |  Vintage apothecary bottle
 Plants from Columbia Rd Flower Market  
Orange pot from Pot Luck | Beige pot is a repurposed shochu vessel

Our colourful perspective

But make it back through the crowds we did and via bus to top it off. Look at all the plants that we brought back! 

Our new home gets a lot of sunlight during the day which makes us so happy. Now we are  hoping that this will make our new plant friends happy too so they can thrive here. 

I am trying to repurpose various containers that we didn’t chuck out during the move to keep things cheap and resourceful. Like the shochu pot (Japanese alcohol) that the bro-in-law’s girlfriend bought over to share at Christmas. It was too good to throw out. I am glad I kept it and the cute hinoki (Japanese cypress) ladle that came with it.

Some of the plants are being used as impromptu screens on kitchen window sill for a little extra privacy. The lemon scented conifers are such a vivid green that they don’t block out the light but add a new feel to it. The succulents look great lounging on our shelves creating texture and interesting perspectives. 

Hiro thinks we need a few more plants! I will leave him to ponder on that for a while. As for me, I am quietly seeking more pots. If you know where I can get some good ones – please let me know?

Are you a plant fan? Share your tips if you are, we would be so happy to hear from you.

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