| Photo Diary | Sakura Missing

Have you ever missed a place so much that when you think about it, it becomes a physical sickly sort of aching? I know I have spoken to a a couple of fellow bloggers who have experienced this too. Are we the only ones?

Hiro wears:
Trench from Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons. Jeans from Acne.
Socks from Happy Socks. Trainers from Converse. Backpack from Eastpak.

Seeing all the beautiful photos on social media of Japan flourishing into Spring makes me long to be back there. Last year Hiro and I were chasing cherry blossoms across the country.

I fell in love with Spring in Japan. Its awakening from winter’s lull is so exuberant and dramatic like nothing I have every felt or seen before. The springtime sights, the smells, the sounds of the nightingale are all right here in my heart and I can feel them in the misty distance and it makes me miss Japan.

At times like this, I get through by focusing on my life at the moment. Dig deep, work hard and keep finding new reasons to smile. There is always a reason to smile!

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