| Photo Diary | Confeitaria do Bolhao

I will always remember the Confeitaria do Bolhao for its atmosphere and Art Deco interiors resplendent with mirrors that bounce reflections into infinity more than I will its food. That does not mean the food was bad! The pastries that we tried in the Snack Bar Hall were both tasty and filling and really good value considering the central location the cafe.

Back in 1896, the Confeitaria do Bolhao was known as Centennial House and it was the place for wealthy residents of Oporto to stop for a bite on their way to market. 

Today Confeitaria do Bolhao houses a Snack Bar Hall, a restaurant and an in-house bakery that unleashes its tempting treats throughout the day. Not many passersby can resist the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries! 

But for us it is also a spot to sit and let the din and the energy of the place encircle you. Tourists and locals breeze through and rub shoulders whilst enjoying a quick coffee and a bite. If ever you are in Porto do visit this place and then pop over to the Mercado do Bolhão to take in more good vibes!

Confeitaria do Bolhao
Rua Formosa 339

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