| Photo Diary | 629 Tokyo

Our good friend took us to his friend’s bar. In this instance a friend of our friend is a friend of ours.  The bar seems to be in a residential block of flats somewhere in Meguro, Tokyo. It’s low key and small and we loved drinking away the night here.

The owner built the interior of the bar with his own hands. He always dreamed of having his own bar so took his savings and made it happen with the blood sweat and tears of his hard work. We have so much respect for him.






We were treated to some takoyaki when we were there. It didn’t matter that we had already eaten but our tummies become bottomless when we are in Japan we ate some more! Such is the laid back atmosphere at 629 that one of the customers took over turning the takoyaki. I like places with that sort of easy vibe.

The owner, you can call him Kaz btw, has a curious habit of taking candid shots of people that he finds asleep on the streets of Tokyo on his way home in the early hours. If you are Japanese or have spent enough time there then you will look at the above collage and have a giggle or roll your eyeballs knowingly. If not, then let me explain….Japanese people work hard. So hard that when sleep catches up with them, they will sleep anywhere  especially if alcohol has been involved! Also, the night transport system is pretty rubbish when compared to London (but remember that Tokyo is nearly 5 times bigger) so folks often rush their drinks, sometimes a few too many and wind up getting stranded.

What is amazing to me is that these people do not get robbed. But I am a Londoner – you get me?

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