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More often than not, the theme to each week of mine lately is work, work and more work. I am sure most people can relate to this. I am not complaining. However, last week little surprises lifted me making me smile a little wider.

While walking past a disused space by our home, Hiro suggested that I peer through a hole in a gate. Trustingly I did. I didn’t expect to see this guy looking back at us. I think he is mighty cute!

Sticking to the streets and the art of it, I was surprised with this mural in Leytonstone. Spotted on our way back from buying more plants for our fast forming jungle home. I like the reference to Hitchcock who was in fact born close by. 

Then there are the little unexpected surprises that come in the post!
Week before last, I visited Diptyque’s boutique in Marylebone to buy a gift for someone. The shop assistant is a marvel. She was so helpful and kind and though my purchase was a tiny humble one, she still gave me a few samples which really made me happy. Then last week, I received this wonderful little surprise in the post. A beautiful set of perfume samples (I signed up to the newsletter) that really made my day and! In my head I hugged the lovely shop assistant. Of course now, there is only one place I will go to make my Diptyque purchases. 

I am no chocolate fan but for some reason it doesn’t stop my sister buying it for me. She is well into her raw/organic/activated/health foods and sort of quietly feeds me what she can without making too much of a song and dance about it. I surprised myself with this bar of chocolate though – it was mightily yummy!

I consider myself massively fortunate to have found a handful of truly amazing and generous friends through blogging. Friends that I have been able to keep in contact with for years now. One such amazing soul is Jane from British Beauty Blogger who very kindly surprised me when she wrote about my little shop (where I sell my handmade items) on her immensely popular blog. I am deeply touched and grateful for her wonderfulness. I really never expect anyone to go out of there way for me like this and I am pinching myself at the fact that someone has!

Little things make me happy. Unexpected things that don’t cost a penny. The thoughtfulness of others, glimmers of the extraordinary or unexpected etc. They all mean so much to me. I carry around the joy they bring for days and days.

Have you had any little surprises lately? They are the stuff that makes everyday life great aren’t they?