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This is our first blog post from our new home on the first day that I get to spend the whole day at home without having to run into work or try to split myself in two to get everything done. The keys to the old place have been returned and there is no going back now! Yup, I am spending the day doing stuff like washing, cleaning and tidying. Stuff is still in boxes, clothes are creating mountains on the floor, bits and bobs still need to find new homes and the list of things that we would like to get to help this new place feel more homely for us is itching for attention. But all that isn’t going anywhere. Things can hold tight while we catch up!

Saturday was the day of the big move. Sunday morning was peculiar. Waking up in a new place with new sounds and new light felt sort of prickly. So we claimed a couple of hours to ourselves and went for a brief saunter around the new endz.

It feels disjointed to call our new stomping grounds a “neighbourhood” because historically, it has always been an industrial chunk of London’s sprawling ways and it still retains that look and feel in many ways.  It is a motley collision of ragged buildings,(un)welcome new developments, all manner of workshops, artist studios, big roads, green parks and a lattice of waterways all stewing in an interesting history that we cannot wait to explore further.

But for now we’ve made it around the block per se and found a nice little canal-side pit stop for coffee and a spot of brunch. The Counter Cafe makes a yummy bacon and avocado butty and their poached eggs are perfectly done. They also roast their own beans in-house. How fab is that? I am sure that I will back for a bag very soon.

Living in this area has appealed to us for a long time now and living by a waterway has always been a dream of ours and having 2 views of a canal and a river is beyond amazing. We are still pinching ourselves each time we look out of the window!