| Stationery | New Things

I’m counting my lucky stars to be the recipient of such gloriously practical and interesting stationery items from friends near and far lately. 

These are lesser known bits and bobs (outside of Japan) for the stationery fans among you.

 | Frixion Stamp |

I am a big fan of Pilot’s Fixion series (where everything is erasable) and I only found out that they did stamps when I received one from Japan. Perfect for my paper diary and it doesn’t matter if I make an error because I can rub it out! That is the beauty of Frixion. 

| Tombow Blue Glue Stick |

Goes on blue and dries clear so I can see what I am doing. Good thinking!

| Metaphys Obi Minimal Tape Cutter |

This is the type of thing that I really like! So minimal and sees to its proposed function with ease. 

| Penco Colour Delights 8 Colour Crayon |

I had something similar as a kid so this brings back gushes of nostalgia. Twisting mechanical fat pen that releases colour crayon leads on demand. Perfect for travelling and fab for kids or kids at heart.

As for the notebook, I have long since professed my love for past encounters with Midori paper goods and I have high hopes for this! I will let you know how I go.

Have you have any new stationery recently?