| Wishlist | For the Home

I don’t mean to be greedy. I really don’t! But when settling into a new place, you sort of naturally find things that you would like don’t you? Things that will fit well, serve a purpose or look good in a space that you never had before. 

I am very fortunate because Hiro has been scrimping and saving and collecting beautiful items of furniture over the years. I feel quite stupid looking back because I was often quite horrid about the things that he brought home but over the years I have grown to love these things and seeing them in our new surroundings makes me love them even more. Of course NOW I trust him completely with furniture choices. His decisions are always based on years of appreciating something and months of research and saving. There is something so heart warming about this way of doing things he has. 

All that said, I would not say no to these additional things were they to come my way:

| Ercol Love Seat |

Designed in the 1950’s by Lucian Ercolani, made in UK. It’s the sort of item that you would pass down the generations. 

| Zabuton |

Traditional Japanese cushions specifically made for sitting on the floor. They are hard wearing and really comfortable and a lot of skill goes into making them. I found a video of the process HERE

| Rice Bin |

We eat a lot of Japanese rice in this household and I dream of having a nice storage box for our supply. This one is made of Paulownia wood and amazingly without a single bit of metal hardware. The lid both slides and lifts off completely and it keeps the rice safe from odours and repel moisture. Clever thing!

| Terra Hydroponic Cases |

Aren’t these delightful and would they not suit our crazy plant obsession? Handmade in Japan but you can get them in UK via Objects of Use.

| Jardin D’Ecrivains Le Jardin de Blixen Nairobi |

Of all the gardens in all the world! This one was very close to where I spend my childhood. I feel like it is fate that we must meet one day.

| Famos Vegetable Peeler  |

I currently have a stupid peeler. It is blunt and  makes me feel clumsy when I use it. I wish it got lost while we were moving. But it did not. I would like to replace it with this German designed and made chrome plated one with its replaceable stainless steel blades. Apparently it works well for slicing cheese too.