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Oooops! You have caught me cooing over Emmy Twenty’s shop full of gorgeous ballet pumps.

I already have one pair that I have worn repeatedly over the past year and they have really been a joy to saunter about in. 

My Emmy Twenty tale begun when I received an email from the founder last year. It turned out that we shared an obsession with ballet pumps but she really moved me with her story and her combined passion and determination to launch her brand. 

In her own words:

“…….. I had become ever more frustrated with the dreary commute; spending 3 hours of my day on a slow, over packed train only made me more determined to do something I was actually passionate about.  I sketched designs in my spare time and started thinking seriously about how I would start a business in my twenties and with no outside funding. I stopped the daily lattes, resisted the urge to wander around Selfridges on my lunch break and basically became a lot less sociable in order to eventually save  enough to quit the day job and make Emmy Twenty a reality.”

I had been grumbling about how difficult it can be to find a quality pair of leather ballet pumps in London that look good and have a price tag that goes easy on the wallet. It was a welcome sprinkling of serendipity that bought Emmy Twenty my way!

Notes: I wear my Danson ballet flats sockless but tend to reach for the Pedag Silky Touch Barefoot Spray which I wrote about HERE.

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