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After days of rushing, adventuring, budgeting and a whole lot of walking we decided to slow things right down and treat ourselves to a bit of affordable soulful luxury.

THIS, my friends is our paradise dream come true. This is the utterly amazing Seasons Lodge in Zanzibar. 

Seasons Lodge is a family built and family run establishment. Everything here has been made by hand on site by local craftsmen and the Clarkes family. Every dish is made with local food. They rear their own livestock, grow what they can and if they cannot then it will come from a near by farmer, fisherman or producer. Supporting the local community means a lot to the Clarkes and what they have achieved together is astonishing and beautiful! 

View from the bed.

Private raised beach 

View from the bath

Our accommodation was something that magicked up from a dream. A tiny little wooden door that leads off a flower lined path unveiled our little bungalow within its own secluded walled garden. Beyond the bed, slatted doors open up into a small veranda that leads onto a patch of raised private beach before the white sands and Indian Ocean tumbled in to meet us. 

The bathroom was a delight with a view right onto the sea and like the rest of the room, spotlessly clean. 

Everything you can think of has been provided in the bungalow. Drinking water, toiletries and even sun hats and kikoys (traditional Swahili wraps which can be used as beach towels or sarongs). 

Nights in the tropics fall suddenly and we made the most of our private beach section by doing some stargazing. Mornings are balmy and we were gently woken by the sound of the waves, the breeze in the palms and the sun sneaking in through the gaps in the slatted doors.

Seasons Lodge has become of the most charming, alluring and stunning places that we have had the privilege to stay at and when next we are in Zanzibar, we will be back! There is not a single doubt about that. 

It cost us approx £70 per person per night with breakfast to stay here.

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