| Photo Diary | I Saw A Dragon

I am known for my efficacious imagination among those close to me. I churn everyday things into improbable imaginings at the best of times and this is how I came to see a dragon. 

A great swift loping water dragon that brought a downpour of rain in its trail. It took over the sunlit skies in a nimble moment and hovered whilst I stared for a while before packing up and heading back to the refuge of our little apartment. 

The dragon came and went and while it turned and tumbled in the sky, shaking off all the water it had carried with it, we enjoyed a cold beer while my bikinis dried in the breeze. 

I am not crazy though! It really does look like a dragon doesn’t it? I did! I diiiiiiiid see a dragon (now I sound like Tweety Pie).

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