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Things will be a bit slow and quiet here for a week while we move home.

Moving can be tumultuous at best but for me it is more emotional than anything else.

The place that we leave behind has been home for about 10 years. I remember when we moved in. The entire area was quite different and  actually, so were we. 

Today, when I stand at the end of our road and look around, everything that I see before me wasn’t there when we moved here (except the Sainsbury’s sign). So many new developments took over and as I type, 4 more are sprouting up around us. 

For us, those 10 years have made us older but stronger and closer too. In many ways this is where we learned to respect each other and yes love each other more. We started our married life together here. Laughed, cried, messed-up, fallen down had many adventures and collected memories here. Gosh! I sound horribly sentimental don’t I? Especially for someone who has moved more times in life than I have fingers.

Change is inevitable and I am sure that come tomorrow (our big move day), I will be ready for whatever is to come our way – even if it is paddling through boxes and bubble wrap for the next few days.

10 years worth of stuff is not fun to move. But a new adventure await and this one will change our loves forever.  I have so much to tell you but it shall have to wait for now.

Be back soon!