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Am I the only one that does this? 

When life is too busy leaving little time for adventuring into pages, I tend to collect books that take my fancy till I have a little pile of them. Then, when time allows, I binge read.

It’s such an immersive feeling. So satisfying.

I have already read the The Rabbit Back Literature Society on my Kindle on holiday earlier last year. I enjoyed it so thoroughly that I just had to buy a paper copy to cherish and re-read when the time feels right. It may feel strange to some, but I often re-read a well-loved book at different stages in life. My perception seems to alter according to my life and this always makes for interesting reading and understanding of how my own mind works.

Currently, I am spellbound and gladly lost in Saki’s Improper Stories, a showcase of short stores which are doing a grand job of taunting my love of the unexpected.  Saki delights with his glorious prose and conversant observations on the absurd subtleties of Edwardian life. Wonderful enjoyed with tea! Though I do have to be careful not to choke on each sip when I find myself laughing out aloud.

Twinings have released a selection of enticing loose leaf pyramid teas a couple of which I found myself buying without a second thought.  The Bollywood Chai Latte and the Nutty Chocolate Assam both go well with a drop or more of milk and are really delicious in a way that soothes away the chill of the season.  Velvety and smooth, sweet without being sugary. Creamy fragrant comfort in a teacup!