| Thoughts | Take it Steady

I grew wise to my ability to make and break New Year’s resolutions within a split of time a while a go now. I realised that it is far more realistic to try and accept the many facets that make up me than trying to create a BRAND NEW ME because that BRAND NEW person doesn’t exist. She hasn’t walked in my shoes, learned my lessons, picked herself up dusted herself off, looked in the mirror and laughed at herself like I have. These days I would rather be myself than being a stranger to myself.

I know I have dozens of faults that I need to correct and as for self-improvements well I have quite a collection in that department too. But what works best for me is fixing these things one at a time from root to tip. Like all sturdier things in life, it takes time to build something to last and I am prepared to make that investment in myself. 

In 2015, I hope to keep making our lives an adventure. LIFE is an adventure not all of which involves treking to far off places – some of them involve delving into that inner landscape. That is where my adventure starts year.

Be kind to yourselves! You are probably doing far, far better than you think you are and it is probably far healthier than comparing yourself to others or trying to fit into some template of how someone else thinks we should be.