| Photo Diary | Twende Sokoni

If you follow our blog then you will already know that we LOVE markets. Everything about them. Somehow we feel so alive and also at home in the midst of them. The noise, the smell, the sights. It is a cornucopia of them all.

In Swahili we call markets ‘soko’.  So today I will speak to you in a little Swahili…..twende sokoni!. Let’s go to the market!








Most of Stone Town in a market. Buying selling, doing business in the streets to make ends meet is all part of life here. Fruit, veg and so many things that will fill your belly are sold alongside doors, kanga (traditional cloth), shoes and more.

It’s a great place to walk, watch and talk to people. We did a lot of haggling, smiling, declining. I had a great time showing Hiro and our friend (who normally lives in Tokyo) all the things I knew as a child growing up. I was proud to be able to explain what things are. Excited to show them the snacks that I would rush to buy after school as a sweet-toothed child. Things like ubuyu, ladoo and kashata. I taught them a few Kiswahili words like “shikamoo” and “kwaheri” and we smiled bug smiled when an old fellow astonished us with his knowledge of a few Japanese words.

Most of all, I was delighted that they both loved what they saw.

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