| Food | The Man and Ramen

Hiro LOVES ramen.

He has yet to find a bowlful that satisfies his longing in UK so when we land in Japan – we must find ramen. This love of his favourite noodle often means that every spare few minutes we have will be spent in pursuit of his next fix.




Take for instance the time we found ourselves in Yamagata. We were not here for leisure. We were in fact in transit to the next destination, but the 40 minutes between trains translated to Hiro as “plenty of time to find ramen”. It’s a good job that ramen is not a leisurely food, its served up quick and eaten quick so we were on our way again in a jiffy.

What did I eat? Nothing actually. I got my fill watching the ladies in the kitchen work in perfect synchronicity and then watching Hiro happily slurp down his noodles and smile satisfactorily afterwards.

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