| Food | 3am Tokyo

I remember arriving in Japan and scorning our jet lag to head into Tokyo to catch our friend playing in a rather snazzy new night venue with some well-known DJ that we have never heard of. Not our music, but it didn’t stop me dancing. I remember getting shouted at for taking photos in the club with my phone. The screechy bouncer really annoyed me and I am still patting myself on the back for not getting ugly with him. The good vibes held me back and I ordered another drink instead!






3am. Legs like cookie dough. Bellies like packs of hungry wolves. Brains turning into jelly. We found ourselves in a late night restaurant with spirited staff and the atmosphere and service that you would expect at a more polite hour of the day.

We devoured a glut of soba, hotaru ika (firefly squid), and riced topped with marinated seasoned fish. We left will happy tummies and we slept like logs that night.

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