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Discovering the delights of lesser known small companies is something that I am passionate about. With so much competition on the market it is the bigger brands that often succeed in catching most of our attention. With this in mind I want to spend more of this year doing my little bit to shout out about those lesser known bits of brilliance out there and I cannot think of a better way to start than to talk about some stationery! Oh I love stationery – did you know that already?

They caught my eye with their sun-infused notebooks! Established in 2013 and based in Barcelona, Octaevo is a stationery company who in their own words;

“Travel the Mediterranean in search of stories and transform them into beautifully-crafted and thoughtful goods. Each of our pieces is made to be held close and built to last. Designed to inspire. Produced in harmony with nature using the highest quality materials. Infused with the warmth of

the Mediterranean sun. “


P.SCheck out Tessa from ALL THINGS STATIONERY’s interview with Octaevo HERE

Oh I want those binder clips! Based in Taipei, Tools to LiveBy is a shop that houses quirky hard to find in Taiwan items together with quirky vintage stationery from design capitals across the globe. They also have their own brand of good inspired by no longer made old fashioned stationery that is all functional, splendidly packaged and rather beautiful too. 


“Meticulous Ink”, a name bound to catch my attention! A traditional stationers and printers based in the historic city of Bath, they make the most beautiful looking notebooks and notepads. While it is their letterpress work that really calls to my heart, their striking hot foil printed notebooks look very handsome indeed!


When it comes to stationery goods, quality is something I really dislike scrimping on. The feel of a product in my hand, the weight, the texture, the way it fulfils its intended function and ages are things I consider daily as I use my stationery.  The ideas thought processes behind the design of each item means a lot to me. Things have to feel like they were made with more than just a profit margin in mind. I would like to think that all the above would be wonderful for me to own but I shall have to update you 

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