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I may secure my status as a freak by saying this but I really dislike shopping.  What I mean is the short of shopping that does not involve food or swathes of interesting things made with heart or an interesting story. The high streets and I can never be friends because their stacks of cheaply made but overpriced crap just annoys me. I should get off my high-horse at this point and admit that such is life here in London that it cannot be avoided completely. Doesn’t stop me looking forward to the day when we all adopt a more conscientious way of shopping and start to see and encourage more independent shops and makers to get out there.

So I spend most of my “shopping time” on line. Today I thought I would share a couple of things that I have come across online and have since scribbled down onto my “I want to get this when we are next in Japan – okay Hiro?” list.

| Shirokuma Tea Bag Holder |

This adorable little porcelain cup lid is designed by Necktie Office and hand made in Nagasaki. 

Take a look HERE for more information and beautiful photos of the making process. 

| Illustrated Daruma Calendar 2015 | 

Anyone who knows us knows that we love Daruma representations. In Japan these rotund fellows are a talisman for perseverance and good luck. So naturally I really like this calendar and yes I still use paper diaries/calendars (but you guessed that right?). Designed and made by Akiko DaSilva so that the user can fill in one eye after deciding on a goal and then the other once it has been achieved. A nice little motivator if you ask me.

Take a look HERE for more info on Akiko and her work.