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I’ve got a feeling. A niggling, jiggling funky feeling that next year will be a big year for us – one way or another!

When I get this sort of feeling – I tend to pick my diary accordingly. This year I’ve opted for a roomier than my normal choice two part weekly diary with space for notes, doodles and pics that will also fit into one of THESE handy binders when the year is done with.

Jotting stuff down in a diary is ever a fun-filled fussy thing of assortments for me for which I make use of adornments like these:

  • Multipens – My favourites are the Pilot Coleto pens and their dangerously cute refills. I wrote about them previously HERE.
  • Washi tape of all sizes and patterns. “Washi” means Japanese paper and I wrote about my collection of tapes HERE.
  • An assortment of diary stickers. I have more stickers than most stationery shops in UK have – seriously! I have to use them up somehow and using them to illustrate my diary is a good a way as any.
  • Clips 
  • Deco tape pens. I will blog about these soon.
  • Page markers
  • Marker pens of all sorts for highlighting and doodling and adding even more colour. I will write about my various marker pens very soon.

I am not the only one with a decorative diary obsession. Its quite rampant in Japan. I especially admire the ones with doodles throughout:

Pics in the collage are property of Instagram users: Cappleco/Natsume_notebook/Conatsu/AMIDWINTERND

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