| Photo Diary | Stone Town Streets

If I have to speak of a travel related regret in life, I have but one.  Not as yet spending at least one night in Stone Town. 

Stone Town is a place that I have passed through many times heading single-mindedly for the beaches. What a silly girl I am! On our last visit, we spent a few leisurely hours deep in her spell and I wish we could have stayed longer. While we were there, we managed to get wonderfully lost and it is a marvellous place to get lost.

Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a unique infusion of Arab (Omani in particular), Persian, Indian and European influences permeating its history yet all are underpinned by an immutable Swahili culture.

This is a living maze of stone, silence, noise, shadow, sunlight and prayer and enterprise. Its contradictions and its sun, wind and sea battered walls bring a surprise around every corner that keeps visitors in a state of wonder. You may find a market, a tea shop, mosques, empty streets, dead-ends or even the ocean waiting for you there.

When you travel to places it is so natural and easy to get caught up in the magic of a place. It is so easy to convince yourself that you will return………one day. I know that I personally have a list of places that I say that I’d like to return to one day but the pull that Zanzibar is different, like my need to constantly return to Japan it is relentless. But unlike Japan, I hear Zanzibar’s call like a long lost lullaby deep, deep in my soul and I know that I cannot help but go back again and again and again.

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