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I steeped my weekend in colour. I find that having scatterings of bright shades in our home helps to uplift the tedious grey skies that seem to love London. I am a tropical girl after all and colour ingrained (even if it is just colourful language)in my survival instinct.

This time of year I polish up my collection of “Kivi” votives and fill them with candlelight. These glass tea-light holders are high quality glass objects were designed in 1988 by Heikki Orvola and are made in Finland by Iittala. 

Kivi’s understated, simple and clean look eclipses their complex and highly detailed manufacturing processes. Unlike many cheap coloured glass objects, these are made of pressed colour-glass. This means that the glass is dyed thorough with metal dioxides rather than coated with colour (like the ones you find in IKEA). The process creates glass that will not fade – even in sunlight, and are also scratch resistant.

My collection lives on my windowsill where they smile at me all year round. One by one over the years it has grown. Some where gifts and some I bought for myself. 

The cool Kivi colours such as the clears, blues, grey and dark green were produced through automatic press manufacturing and so are cheaper.

The warm colours like the the oranges are mid-priced and unlike the above, they are made in smaller batches manufactured by a specialist robot and a small furnace.

My favourite one is the yellow Kivi. This is hand pressed by one of three workers in the Nuutajärvi factory in Finland. It’s a long and costly process reflected in the price.

Many in my collection have been with me for nearly 10 years now and they still shine like candies by day and glow like blinking jewels at night. The quality is tangible and can be felt through the weight and smoothness when you hold one in your hand. To me, Kivi are another example of timeless design in quality everyday objects that are made to last and embodies our principals against “throwawayism”.

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