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The Christmas spirit has unexpectedly snuck up on me this year, and I am firmly placing the blame on the mischievous little Tomte that snuck back with us this Sunday!

According to ancient folklore, Tomtes are Scandinavian gnomes that are mostly genial creatures secretly residing along humans (under the floorboards, in a pantry or barn) and helping out when they can. However, they can be temperamental and will play all sorts of naughty tricks on a person when offended. Many Scandinavians still put out a bowl of steaming Christmas porridge with butter on Christmas eve to keep the Tomte happy in the year to come.

My particular Tomte has been renamed “Hige-chan” and he was designed by Åsa Götander. According to Skandium He is made “with wool from the free roaming sheep found on the Swedish island of Gotland, which are unique in quality. Using their curly grey wool along with warm water and soap, we create a felt that is then handshaped into caps. The wool is also is turned into beards and hair. We also use sheepskin from arctic Icelandic sheep, which have a long straight fleece in a variety of colours. Each gnome is slightly different, giving them an individual personality”. And it is true, each and every gnome we looked at had a look and feel of its own.

Hige-chan has inspired festive thinking and I am slowly collecting a few items for the house this Christmas. In my opinion the Scandinavians are jolly good at tasteful Christmas decorations the sort that anyone would want to keep for years to come,so this is where I am looking for inspiration:

Mobile by Flensted Mobiles + Santa Boy + Girl by Larrsons Tra + Tree Cards by Anne Paso + Deer Rotary Candle Holder by Hans Hallberg

Each year the folks at Arabia release a winter season mini mug set that are great for the tree or decorating presents with. Being a Moomin fan, I would give away 2 and keep 2 for our tree – when we actually bother to buy one! Available HERE 

Georg Jensen’s December Tales collection includes these beautiful mirror polished stainless steel ornaments that would look wonderful strung from strategic parts of the ceiling where the light can play with the cut-work and make magical silhouettes on the walls! Available HERE

Aside from the smorgasbord of festive decorations, I’ve also bought some Joulutorttu (Finnish jam tarts), some glögg and even a box of Annas Pepparkakor (ginger snaps) ready for Christmas eve.

Are you also inspired by Scandinavian Christmas ideas? 

If you are looking to buy some Scandinavian treats you the Scandikitchen has got you sorted!