Happy New Year

Today we took down all our Christmas things away and brought out our New Year friends. Each of these little dudes are symbolic for virtues we hope for in 2015.

We are past our mad partying days so this evening we will eat toshikoshi soba. We will think back on our year and write in our family scrolls. This is a custom inherited from Hiro’s grandfather who has written his own annual “family history” over many many years. I wrote about this previously HERE

Do let us know if you happen to dream about Mount Fuji, eagles or aubergines tonight. There is a traditional saying “Ichifuji nitaka sannasubi” which means: 

1 – mount fuji

2 – eagles

3 – aubergines 

It is said that its brings luck if your first dream of the year is either about Mount Fuji (because it the highest point in Japan), eagles (because the Japanese word for eagle “taka” rhymes with the words for high which is “takai”) and aubergines (because the Japanese word for this is “nasu” which rhymes with the verb to fulfil). 

Wherever you are and however you celebrate, we wish you the happiest of times and all the very best for 2015. 

Thank you for sticking with us this year.