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I love T-shirts.  

As soon as I took my White T-shirt Co crew neck T-shirt out of the packing, even before I wore it, I could feel the quality instantly. It felt smooth, had a good weight and the stitching details around the neckline had all the hallmarks of what I consider to be a well constructed garment.

T-Shirt: White T-Shirt Co. Cap: New Era. Glasses: Cradle Optical Tailor Japan. 
Watch: Glycine. Linen trousers: Handmade. Flip-flops: Havainas. 

Putting it on, the T-shirt feels good against the skin. It is stretchy enough to be comfortable and hold its shape, even after washing. I opted for Large because the relaxed baggy fit is for me most comfortable for travelling. 

The colour is not an obvious choice for me but I am really pleased with my choice. Thought it is actually a deep blue, in some light it looks almost black and in others it can take on a greyish hue or deep deep blue.

The Relaxed Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt. is made using the a high thread count heaviest interlock 100% organic cotton.

I rarely recommend clothing to my friends in Japan simply because the choice out there is so mind-bogglingly vast and plentiful it seems a bit silly too. But The White T-Shirt Co has changed that. I would not only happily purchase another few of these but I would highly recommend these to all my friends especially the fussiest dressers. These T-shirts are pure quality, reasonably priced at £35.00 each and make most my current ones (even the most expensive)feel a bit shabby in comparison.

Here at Worshipblues, we try our best to choose quality over quantity and will choose to buy something with a sense of soulfulness over brand vanity. Supporting people who put their heart and soul into providing something that speaks to our beliefs becomes increasingly more important to us as the world fills with mass manufactured disposable fashion and design. So when we were approached by The White T-Shirt Co to review one of their T-shirts, we had a feeling that this would be a good fit. While many people may shrug and say; “It’s just a T-shirt”, to us this is a wardrobe essential made by a company with a strong ethical stance. They are transparent about their processes, honest about their materials. They really do care about what they do and we value that deeply. It feels good to wear this T-shirt. Good on so many levels.

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LOCATION: Zakynthos, Greece