| What I Wore | The Blue Brights

Towards the end of summer, three of us went walking through one of Hiro’s favourite areas of London. We’ve had a good run of warmth this year so it feels a bit selfish to complain about the cold that is now setting in. Instead I am sunning myself by reading books set in tropical locations and looking back on brighter photos. 

Breton top is by Le Minor and bought at Hexagone in Islington.
Skirt is from Cos styled different HERE

The transition of the seasons is something that I really ought to have adjusted to during my life in UK yet for some reason the fall from Autumn into Winter is particularly hard to deal with for me. It’s an awkward circle that goes a bit like this….. It’s cold so I think of east Africa where it is currently warm and so that makes me less at ease with the cold here so again…I dream of Africa.

Have a good weekend! If you are in UK, keep warm.